10 Party Favor Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

10 Party Favor Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Party favors are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for your guests for coming to your event and leave them with something to remember the celebration. The type of favors you choose depends heavily on the party you are throwing, whether it’s a sophisticated professional soiree or a girls-only slumber party. Whatever your plans, you’re bound to find some inspiration from these ten gift ideas.

1. Stationery

From pretty journals to stylish planners, everyone loves cute stationery. This makes it a fantastic choice for party favors, which often have to appeal to a large range of people, from family to friends, depending on the occasion. Another reason that stationery is a good party favor option is that it’s easily personalized to each guest or the event. A mini notebook with the guest’s initials or a pen engraved with the date and event are bound to go down a treat at all kinds of occasions, from work parties to wedding receptions.

2. Hangover Kit

If you’re throwing a party, you want everyone to have a good time and let their hair down. However, this inevitably means that some guests will overindulge and feel a bit worse for wear the next day. Bearing that in mind, a hangover kit could be an extremely useful party favor.

Fill the kit with everything your guests may want after a big night, such as painkillers, Tums, vitamin C sachets, water, mouthwash and a coffee sachet. Depending on how elaborate you want to be, you could even add details such as dry shampoo, a pair of sunglasses, a McDonald’s voucher or a homemade hangover remedy. However you decide to personalize it, this tongue-in-cheek party favor can bring a smile to people’s faces and may help a few fuzzy heads the morning after!

3. Seed Bombs

Wildflower seed bombs are a delightful party favor and make a sustainable alternative to cut flowers. When your guests get home, they can easily plant their seed bombs in a pot, and they will be reminded of the fun they had at your event when the flowers bloom. Whether you make your seed bombs yourself or purchase them, they can be beautifully presented in personalized packaging. You could even opt for bombs decorated with petals or in attractive shapes such as a heart. These make adorable sentimental gifts at baby showers where the focus is bringing new life into the world.

Mason Jar Drink Kit

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4. Mason Jar Drink Kit

Encourage your guests to keep the party going with a unique twist on a takeout drink. Fill each mason jar with a mini spirit bottle, such as whiskey or gin, and a mixer like tonic. Your guests will love that they can take a bit of the party with them. If you served a particular cocktail at your party, you could provide your guests with everything they need to recreate it at home. For instance, if you served mojitos, in addition to a mini bottle of rum and soda water, add a sachet of mint leaves, sugar and a serving of lime juice. Include a recipe card and wait for the cheerful photo messages you’re sure to be sent of guests trying their cocktails at home.

5. Party Playlist

If you’re a music fan who painstakingly compiles thoughtfully curated playlists for every party they throw, this party favor will be right up your alley. Turn the highlights of your playlist into a mixed CD or USB memory stick and give them out as audio snapshots of your event. Listening to music inspires memories; you hear a song come on the radio, and you can be instantly transported to a significant moment where you heard it. When your guests pop on your party playlist, they’ll remember what a fantastic time they had.

Manicure Set

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6. Manicure Set

For girly celebrations such as bachelorette parties and wedding showers, manicure sets are ideal. Include a nail polish or two, a nail file and, for fun, nail stickers. Pick a couple of polish shades to make sure everyone gets something they like, and put a unique spin on it by personalizing the bottles with fun names relevant to you and your friends.

7. DIY Craft Kit

If you’re throwing a party for a teen, a DIY craft kit is a fantastic option that everyone will love. Many different choices are available, such as jewelry-making sets or tie-dye kits, but all are great fun and leave the guest with both a fun activity to do and a cute gift. If your kids are on social media, get them to use a personalized hashtag or share their efforts in a message thread so they can compare their handiwork!

8. Personalized Scent

Mini perfume bottles make a sophisticated party favor that your guests are sure to love. To make it extra personal, you can design the scent yourself and package it with customized labels. For simplicity’s sake, opt for a unisex fragrance everyone will love.

9. Personalized Breath Mints

After eating and drinking at a party, most people have an urge to freshen their mouths. Anticipate this need by providing breath mints as tasty party favors. If you opt for tic-tac style mints, they can easily be dyed to match your party’s color scheme. Simply add a customized label to each box to complete the look.

10. Cute Hand Warmer or Fan

If you’re holding your party in the winter months, your guests may feel chilly as they head home in their party clothes, so they’ll be thrilled to see hand warmers as a party gift. Hand warmers come in different shapes and colors, so you can pick something cute that complements the theme of your party. Alternatively, if your bash takes place in the summer, why not give your friends traditional hand-held fans? Whether you choose a wood or fabric style, these attractive items will be both practical and decorative. They also work as a fantastic prop for photos!

Make Your Party Favors Personal

When choosing your party favors, you should think about what you want the vibe of your party to be. Although they are only a small part of the celebration, they are taken home at the end of the night and, as such, help your guests form a lasting impression of your event. If you make your party favors personal, whether that’s engraving the date on a pen or giving your guests the ingredients to your favorite cocktail, you can’t go wrong.

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