How Many Bottles Cologne Should a Man Own

How Many Bottles Cologne Should a Man Own

Colognes are becoming a craze among consumers lately. Females aren’t the only ones who are getting hyped about collecting colognes, but men too. That said, newbies are asking whether it’s okay to store and use several kinds. Owning a lot of cologne isn’t bad. It’s a good habit considering that you’re not buying too much. Just like perfumes, colognes may be layered on top of each other to come up with unique signature smells. If you’re a man, rest assured that owning lots of colognes isn’t strange. Nevertheless, how many bottles cologne should a man own? Let’s find out.

Men Should At Least Own A Single Bottle

The minimum number of colognes that men should own is one. Of course, this single cologne must be versatile and may be used for different occasions. For example, it’s okay to have a single cologne as long as you can use it for the gym, for work, for parties, and dates. However, it’s impossible to find a cologne that’s very versatile nowadays. Manufacturers are only marketing colognes that only cater to a specific purpose.for example Dior Sauvage best fragrance for white-Collar professionals.

In connection, it’s fine to stray away from the minimum requirement and own several colognes. Of course, the bottles of cologne to have in store should complement lifestyle, income, and career. That said, owning 20 bottles of colognes might be an overkill if you’re a laborer raising a large family and only earning $ 3000 per month or less.

White-Collar Professionals – 4 Bottles

Men having white-collar jobs should at least own 4 bottles of cologne. Such colognes must have varying fragrances to be useful for different engagements such as meetings, corporate dinner parties, site visits, etc. Men don’t have to use and pack all 4 cologne bottles at once. Using at least 2 every day in an alternating manner is okay.

Blue Collar Professionals – 2 Bottles

Men doing manual work should have at least 2 bottles. These 2 bottles must greatly complement each other. The first one should have a strong smell that masks body odor. The second bottle must be a refreshing cologne that’s perfect for travelling back home.

Having a single bottle of cologne is perfect for men with white-collar jobs that expose them to various people. As much as possible, having that distinct smell is crucial so that clients can easily remember and recognize. This is important for plumbers salesmen , carpenters, deliverymen, etc.

Sporty Men – 3 Bottles

On the other hand, sporty men should at least own 3 bottles. These 3 bottles should provide a refreshing effect, warmth, or energizing upshot. Furthermore, these colognes must complement the sports that men love to do. For water sports, strong long-lasting colognes are perfect. For team sports, creamy and warm smelling colognes aren’t bad. Finally, spicy and energizing colognes are ideal for doing land sports.

For Men Pursuing Career In The Entertainment Industry – 5 Bottles

Men who are famous musicians, models, DJs, etc. should at least have 5 bottles of different colognes. Having a fab and glamorous image is one of the secrets to becoming a successful icon. This is where layering comes in. Layering colognes give men in the entertainment industry the signature smell that might lead them to stardom. Of course, becoming famous is about avoiding things that might destroy image. So smelling redundant or boring isn’t good

Summing Up: So, How Much Is Too Much?

Owning at least 5 or 10 bottles of cologne isn’t unhealthy. However, men should be worried if they own too many colognes that causes their house or living space to become cramped. Buying lots of colognes without reason might be a sign of impulsive buying or hoarding.

Impulsive buying and hoarding are pyschological problems that need immediate attention. When left unattended, they might affect men’s day to day living. A cramped space is just one aftermath. Worse results might be failure to manage finances and depression.

So how much bottles cologne should a man own? To answer, owning at least several bottles of colognes is fine so long as men finish least 2 or 3 of them before buying another batch. In contrast, men should get immediate help if they’re continuously buying cologne for no reason. Collecting colognes is fine, but men should remember to put limits on this habit.

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