7 Comfy and Stylish Vacation Outfits for Men

7 Comfy and Stylish Vacation Outfits for Men

Vacation clothing for men is relaxed and comfortable. Your clothes should help you stay cool, but they should also look stylish. Try the following outfits on your next trip. When you pack these men’s essentials, you’ll give off a chill vibe.

1. Crew Neck with Shorts and Slip-On Shoes

The navy crew neck is a clean look any time of year. It’s especially stylish during spring and summer when you can wear your tee with drawstring shorts or resort shorts. Match your navy shirt with neutral colors, and then finish the outfit with a pair of casual slip-ons.

We recommend canvas sneakers, especially in light blue or camel. They’ll keep you comfortable, but they’ll also ensure your outfit isn’t too monochrome. Finish your first vacation ensemble with a pair of surfer-inspired sunglasses and a fresh haircut.

2. Modal Shirt with Slim-Fit Pants and Boat Shoes

There are times on your vacation when you’ll want to dress up. The right garments will still make you feel relaxed and casual. Start with a pair of slim-fit pants in a light color. If you need a belt, add one made of canvas or leather.

Create a stylish look with belt colors like light brown or navy. Match your pants with a soft and stylish modal t-shirt in a hue such as aloe or glacier. A pair of neutral-colored boat shoes will tie everything together. Don’t forget a watch and a pair of aviators.

3. Collared Shirt with Shorts and Canvas Sneakers

A lightweight collared shirt is perfect for vacation because you can dress it up or down. You can choose from polos or button-downs to keep things stylish and comfortable. Some of the best spring and summer colors include mist and agave. We’re also fans of the print button-down, especially those featuring subtle tropical designs and florals.

White shorts are relaxation ready. They’ll also make your shirt stand out. Some of the most on-trend colors for shorts include sage and light grey. Complete your outfit with light-colored canvas sneakers with thin laces. A watch and sunglasses will ensure you’re photo ready.

4. V-Neck Shirt with Pants and Leather Loafers

V-Neck ShirtsIn our humble opinion, every guy needs v-neck shirts for vacation. They look fresh and classic, especially in a traditional color. Pair one of these shirts in white or black with slim-fit pants in a soft shade of green or blue. Finish with a casual pair of leather loafers.

If you prefer, you can swap the look by wearing neutral pants and a vibrant shirt. Choose a standout color like blaze or sky.

Emerald and ivy give off a cool and relaxed vibe. Complete your summer look with a leather-banded bracelet or nautical-inspired watch.

5. Lightweight Blazer with Collared Shirt and Pants or Shorts

Most guys won’t need a formal outfit for vacation, but there are some exceptions. After all, cruises have dress codes for their dining room dinners. Some resort restaurants will also expect that you dress up. If you’re going to someone’s wedding reception or attending a party, find out what to pack before you head out. In some cases, you’ll need a lightweight blazer.

When packing a blazer, choose a material like cotton or linen. Your blazer will stay crisp, but the lighter fabric will also keep you from getting too hot and sweaty. Layer with a short-sleeve collared shirt. If you ask us, the best choice for this look is a button-down. Most occasions will call for a classic, solid-colored shirt to match your blazer. If the dress code allows for a bit of personality, feel free to choose a button-down with a print or pattern. Decide if it’s better to wear pants or shorts, and then finish the outfit with a pair of slip-ons.

6. Tank Top with Layered Shirt and Pants

The tank top is a classic men’s shirt for spring and summer. You can make it stylish and vacation-ready by choosing the right color. Bring a couple of tanks in sleek colors like white or slate. Select one for your outfit, and then layer a button-down shirt on top. Keep it open so you can show off your tank and stay cool. Whether you choose a solid color or a shirt with accents, you’ll feel breezy and look fashionable.

Lightweight drawstring shorts or joggers are casual, but they still give you a flattering and tailored appearance. Try shades like ivory or beige. This look stands out with a pair of suede or faux leather mules. Other types of stylish footwear to complete your outfit include boat shoes and espadrilles.

7. Colorful Tee with Drawstring Shorts and Sandals

When it’s time to hit the beach or you want to go poolside, a few men’s essentials can help to create a casual and stylish outfit. Pair a brightly colored v-neck shirt or crew neck shirt with grey or navy blue drawstring shorts. Many of today’s swim trunks are stylish enough to wear in and out of the water. Keep your trunks a solid color if you want to look cool and classic.

Minimize prints and patterns on your tee unless they are thin stripes or colorblock. A pair of slide sandals will complete your outfit and help protect your feet. Athletic-inspired slides will always be popular, but you can find plenty of stylish and water-resistant sandals in sleek neutral colors. Accessorize your warm weather look with a bucket hat.

Staying Relaxed and Stylish on Vacation

Stylish on VacatioIt’s time to chill out and have a good time. Pack the right clothes for your vacation and you’ll stay relaxed and comfortable. You’ll also feel confident about how you look, no matter where your trip takes you.


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