6 Accessories That Instantly Elevate Your Outfit

6 Accessories That Instantly Elevate Your Outfit

You want your outfit to look better, but who’s got that kind of time and energy? Well, if you pick any of these six accessories, you can instantly upgrade your look with basically no effort. Doesn’t sound too bad. Granted, you’ve got to put in the work to acquire any of these items you don’t have, but nothing in life is completely free. You’ll be okay.

Before You Get Started

Tip 1: Don’t Overdo It

Start small. Just because you can wear several bracelets and necklaces at once doesn’t mean you should. Especially if this is your first foray into upgrading your everyday look, it can be easy to just buy a bunch of things without direction. Start with simple pieces of everyday jewelry that have a lot of versatility. Go for the classics like gold and silver before branching into other more modern choices.

Tip 2: Start with Things You Like

Yes, we just said to start with classic colors and styles. For most people, that’s the best way to go. If you don’t really like those looks, though, start with something else. If you don’t like the look, no matter how others feel about your outfit, it’s just not gonna make you feel as good as it might otherwise. Always go for the things you’re drawn to when starting out. It’ll help you define your style going forward.

6 Accessories That Instantly Elevate Your Outfit

  1. Bags

Any type of bag can instantly elevate an outfit. Except for backpacks. That is unless you have a super chic backpack. We love a nice leather and waxed canvas backpack. It looks cool and it’s great to carry your stuff in style.

If a chic backpack isn’t your thing, then opt for a stylish non-backpack bag. Purses, crossbody bags, any type of handbag. All of the options out there can improve an outfit quickly and add a touch of practicality. You can have several types of bags for different outfits and formality levels to give yourself the maximum number of options.

  1. Rings

If you aren’t already wearing a ring, this is a great way to add depth to any outfit. If you haven’t yet settled on just one wedding ring, going for stacked wedding rings gives you even more style options. Even if you already wear a wedding ring, getting an extra band or two can enhance your ring for more formal occasions.


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  1. Sunglasses

Who doesn’t look cool in a sweet pair of shades? Seriously, it makes your outfit (and you) instantly look better. We’ll let you in on a secret: fighter pilots aren’t actually cool; they just wear aviator sunglasses. Take that, Tom Cruise. Seriously though, a flattering pair of sunglasses is an investment worth making for anyone.

  1. Belt

It’s not just for holding up your pants. In fact, if your belt is doing most of the legwork in keeping your pants squarely attached to you, your pants are too big. Still, a belt is a quick and easy way to elevate any outfit. Just make sure that your belt complements other accessories, like the watch and shoes that you’re wearing.

While we’re at it, make sure you know the difference between casual and formal belts. Formal belts are almost always made of leather (faux or otherwise) and tend to be on the thinner side. Casual belts are basically everything else. Wider belts, braided belts, nylon belts. Anything like that works in a casual setting. You can take greater liberties in informal settings and try more exciting styles and patterns. In formal settings, it’s best to be a bit more conservative.

  1. Necklace

Of course, you don’t have to wear a necklace every day, but it’s one of the easiest accessories of all to just throw on and elevate an outfit. If you don’t own any, starting out with something that’s simple and in gold is usually the best option. Silver, of course, is a perfectly good alternative.

Ideally, you’d have a few different necklaces, so you have options, but starting out with just one is perfectly fine. If you’re looking for your first necklace, pick something casual in a classic color without too much over-the-top detail to maximize its versatility.


Source: shutterstock.com/Alena Ozerova

  1. Watch

Someone wearing a watch just looks more put together. Seriously, it’s an immediate improvement. Do you have everything together? Maybe not, but the world will never know. A casual watch is great for adding visual depth to an outfit, especially paired with a good belt. You don’t need to match leathers (if wearing a leather watch strap, of course), but they do need to complement each other.

If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to go out and get all six of these at once. Pick one or two and try them out. From there, add as you feel is necessary. Once you get the basics down and have a few everyday pieces, you’ll get a sense of what you enjoy wearing and will be effortlessly putting together complete outfits.

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