5 Winter Styling Hacks to Elevate Your Look

5 Winter Styling Hacks to Elevate Your Look

Summer outfits are fun, light, and vibrant, but there’s also a lot you can do to spice up your winter looks as well. This year, why not take your winter closet to the next level and elevate your outfits? Doing this is easier than you might think and you can make noticeable style changes by switching out just one single piece of your outfit. If you’re looking to make some easy changes to your winter outfits, here are a few styling hacks to elevate your ensembles this season.

1. Layer Fashionably

You’ve probably heard it all before, but layering is the key to keeping warm and cozy when you’re out and about in the winter weather. Even though layering should be a practical and very important part of your winter styling method, there are ways to keep warm with multiple layers and not look like a giant snow puff.

To layer with style in mind, start with a base layer like a mesh turtleneck or fitted bodysuit. Add one of your cute sweaters as a cozy second layer and finish off the look with leather pants, a coat in your favorite winter shade (think emerald, deep purple, or even cobalt), and sleek heeled booties. This way, you’ll look super stylish without feeling bulky or too cold without your coat on inside.

2. Go for Winter Athleisure-Inspired Looks

Winter Athleisure-Inspired LooksIf you plan on looking casual for grocery shopping, errands, and other general “to-do list” tasks but want to give your sweats a break, try taking a page from the athleisure style book. This specific style combines the best part of athleticwear with both comfy and fashionable elements, making the resulting outfits both cute and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Try elevating a super-casual look this season by trading baggy pants or sweats for a pair of faux leather leggings or a pair of fitted joggers. Layer a fitted t-shirt and sweater on top with cute earrings, a beanie, and a short pair of cute boots with a chunky heel and you have yourself a look to take you from home to happy hour!

3. Rock a Pair of Tights

If you’re feeling like you might be in a style rut this winter, you’re not alone. Most of the time, it can feel like your choice in bottoms for a nicer winter outfit consists of a long skirt, nice jeans or pants, or a long dress. Consider a switch to shorts to elevate your nicer winter outfits! To do this, start with a pair of tights, whether they’re simple and sheer or feature a funky design or lace detail.

Next, throw on a pair of shorts that work well for winter. Leather or silky styles look great with winter sweaters and coats and they’re easy to find in longer styles with a high waist. Style your outfit with boots, a cute belt, and silver or gold accessories for a super fun and elevated winter look that offers something a little different.

4. Implement Luxurious Outerwear

Luxurious OuterwearCoats and jackets are one of the reasons why you might find it difficult to elevate a winter look. If your choices consist of ski jackets and puffer varieties, it’s clear why you might get frustrated when trying to pair them with nicer garments and materials. To take your look to the next level, try a long coat that matches the vibe of the rest of your outfit.

Wool, teddy, and leather coats can be found in just about any length or style and won’t make you look like you just hopped off the ski lift. In milder winter temperatures, lean towards styles of trendy jackets like motorcycle fits, cropped blazers, and vibrant bombers instead of more athletic-minded styles. Your finished look will be more cohesive and look great in photos.

5. Raise the Heel

Though this one could be applied to any season, your winter looks in particular will thank you for adding a bit more heel. You can apply this to your personal style as well because not everyone likes walking around in a stiletto all night long. Try elevating a dress and patterned tights with a sleek leather ankle boot with a wedge or block heel instead of flats.

On the other hand, you might think about pairing some straight-leg leather pants and a long-sleeve bodysuit with a classic pair of pumps to create a loose vs. tight look. Don’t forget about your open-toe heels, either! Mesh or patterned socks under heeled sandals is a bold style choice that will keep the compliments coming for hours.


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